What Moves You

This is not a question. This is a statement about those things in life that really move you. For some, it can be as simple as the sound of the wind as it hurries past you on an afternoon ride. For others, it is tucked tight, right hand wrapped all the way around the throttle, pushing into an off-camber turn. And still, for others, it is the smell of old gasoline. The feel of oily fingers. Gears meshing. These timeworn contraptions hold us captivated and romanced by the sounds they make and the odors they discharge. Artifacts and legacies left behind from bygone eras. Faceless craftsmen who toiled and tested in a time where a hard day’s work meant something. The guard has passed. We are the custodians of history. We are charged with the responsibility of keeping these vessels and the history they contain relevant to future generations. If you haven’t already asked yourself, now is the time. What moves you?