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Old RT3 Guy

Oct 08, 2018

Greeting! I like most am new here. Found your site via an advert in the VJMC magazine. So far I very much like what I see. I am primarily interested in old British iron, and vintage Yamaha. I have an unhealthy addiction to eBay and am hoping to be able to get more use from this site than from there and of course I'm willing to do my part to help grow this. Looking forward to it. Thanks! Old RT3 Guy.

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Nice line of Yamahas. I'm a yamaha collector as too.

10-03-2019 08:02:22
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Thats a great looking lineup of Yamahas! Love to see what else you've got.

10-10-2018 10:20:02
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Thats is a sharp looking group of Yamahas.

10-10-2018 10:19:03
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Hey Old RT3 guy! Welcome to the site. I found it right when it launched. It’s a very cool site. It’s been slow growing but slowing catching on. Good looking set of bikes. Did you do the work on them? I have an attachment to the Japanese bikes as well as BMW’s.

09-10-2018 07:47:44