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Oct 25, 2017

I'd like to add to this social page. This was my 1977 Ducati 900 GTS. I purchased this bike in Simi Valley, CA from a dealership of all places. It showed an amazing 6500 original miles on the clock. It needed a thorough going through after I purchased it. Someone had replaced the ignition system with an Lucas Rita system. It had failed at some point, which is why, I'm guessing it was for sale. Parts are nearly impossible to source for these odd ball Italian beauties. The carbs suffered from years of sitting with old fuel leaking into them from the lacquered tank and inoperative fuel valves. The tires were cracked and flat-spotted from sitting in one place for a decade. Despite all of that, the bones were there. After stripping that ugly seat, and sourcing a new ignition system, in addition to so many other things on the list, this bike owes me a ton of money. No matter. It will never be sold. It rides like a dream. Endless hours of carving the twisties and some long range touring have made this bike among my favorite on the short list of bikes I think everyone should own. As they become increasingly more rare, I'd advise scooping one up in any condition when you see one.

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I had a used ‘75 GT 860 for five years and put about 40000 miles on it in that time. After a few initial teething problems were sorted out it turned out to be one of the most solid touring bikes I ever owned. Rode it from San Francisco to the Arctic Circle and back in 1984. Over 16k miles were done and it did not miss a single beat the whole trip. In fact it embarrassed a BMW R90S that consistently gave problems going up and back. It was solid, stable, dependable and that V twin just ate up the miles. Kinda cumbersome on tight roads but just heaven when the going opened up a bit. Smooth, vert torquey, and generally under appreciated by the riding public. Great bike though.

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