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Offered for your consideration is my 1990 BMW K1. I am leaving California and have decided to sell some of my bikes. This is the last offering out of my personal collection Please read the entire description and look at the photographs carefully. This is an absolutely beautful cycle. It has been well cared for, maintained and preserved. It certainly appeals to the collector crowd as well as the sport touring set. All painted surfaces are near perfect. There is a very small chip in the paint on the righ side tail section. The wheels and all other areas where you'd expect stone chipping or road wear, there is none. Truly a wonderful survivor. 


BMW had been working on the inline 4 cylinder engine for several years before the K1 model was launched at the Koln Motorcycle Salon in 1988. Popular opinions varied regarding BMW shedding their reputation for clunky, opposed cylindered machines for newer inline, multi-cylinder engines. Enter the K1. The revolutionary design blew the competition away with its style and technologically superior performance. BMW had given the world what the Japanese had been trying to perfect, only in a much more powerful, reliable and steady-at-speed wrapper. Features such as Bosch fuel injection, or any fuel injection for that matter, ABS as a standard, weren’t even options on any of the competition at the time. All of this wrapped in ketchup and mustard packaging. With just under 7000 units made from 1988-1992, this could be considered a rare cult classic.


I have truly enjoyed the ownership experience with this motorcycle. It is such a visceral experience to straddle this machine and ride. It has such a confidence inspiring gift. The ergonomics alone are way more modern than modern, even for the time. All of the controls, gauges and other instruments were very precisely placed so that only slight movement of your eyes will be required to stay aware of what is happening on board. The stability is unreal for any motorcycle, age or era. Even at speed, the slightest tip of your head moves the bike confidently in that direction. Its long wheelbase, and low center of gravity ensure a very stable ride. I have found that this bike returns better than 300 miles per tank.


BMW K1 Specifications

§  Engine liquid-cooled 4-cylinder 4-stroke DOHC

§  Capacity 987cc

§  Bore/stroke 67 x 70 mm

§  Power 100bhp @ 8000rpm

§  Torque 74ft-lb @ 6750rpm

§  Carburetion Bosch fuel injection

§  Transmission 5-speed, Dry single plate clutch, Shaft final drive

§  Suspension 41.62mm telescopic forks, BMW Paralever

§  Brakes 305mm discs 4-piston Brembo calipers, 285mm disc 2-piston Brembo caliper

§  Wheels 120/70 x 17 160/60 x 18

§  Weight 515 lbs.

§  Top speed 150 mph

§  Wheelbase 61.6”

§  Fuel capacity 5.8 gal


I would consider this bike in very good to excellent condition for its year. It has slight wear, as one would imagine, that is commensurate with the age of the machine. Please take the time to look at all of the pictures in the gallery very carefully. Ask questions as needed.  It has been fully serviced- and that history will be passed along to the new owner.


The bike is located in Bakersfield, CA. Shipping is up to the buyer. I will work with you or the shipper to make collection convenient. I will require a $500 deposit within 24 hours of the auctions end. I will require FULL Payment within 5 working days. I will accept cash in person, wire transfer or a cashiers check. For a cashiers check my bank will require a minimum amount of time to process. The bike will not leave until all funds are verified. I can store the bike for an agreed upon amount of time while shipping arrangements are made- that agreement will be made after FULL payment has been received.


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