1963 Harley Davidson XLH Chopper

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Harley Davidson


XLH Chopper






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    Purchased as a mild chopper, cosmetically brought to its current look approximately 15yrs. ago. With a sound standard running XL1000 Iron barrel Sportster the rest of the bike was brought to a 70’s style chopper look with its own swing arm frame. Magneto was rebuilt, good spark. Paint job is a hand stripped and scalloped, not taped. The chrome is not pitted as good as photos look. Hasn’t run in many years and not dry stored.
    Titled and correctly no- op’ed, missing its Calif. license plate.


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  • That was the same place I was coming from. Lots of classics, but no chopper. We can talk at the end IF you want to fatten your herd. Good weekend to you.
  • Mr. Baker ~ Fair 'nuff! I certainly do not need yet another motorcycle! I've got 28 and am trying to thin the herd...but it just keeps getting thicker! I've never owned a "chopper" but I do find some oddly attractive in some primitive sort of way, and it's unusual to be drawn to one as there are so many personalized touches to them that rub some people the wrong way or just don't align with one's aesthetics. Yours, however, has some nice elements that appeal to me (and if I purchased it I know exactly the first things I'd change). My correctly-restored British classics-riding friends would think I'd completely lost my mind!
  • David, Yes I Do. I’m impressed that you asked questions and not opposed to consider less than it’s reserve. I would like to Wait till the end of the auction. If it doesn’t sell, we can work a deal through Motoauct. Good weekend to you.
  • Do you have a purchase price in mind?
  • David, Not run since built. Tank fair, oil in case, not on the floor, tires were new when built. Anything gas related will need attention, and no battery it has a mag. which came on that model. FYI no key operation, kick and go. The bike is better looking in person then even the picture shows, but will need attention. Thanks.
  • "Not run in many years..." How many? The 15 since it was built? How's the inside of the fuel tank? Rust? Oil in the bottom end? Just need a new battery, fresh oil and fuel to be a runner? Carb need to come apart? Tires checking or still soft and supple?
  • David, Sorry, Not to mislead, but the nomenclature might not be correct but it has the original iron barrels. To the best of my knowledge of HD’s alum. barrels came along latter. The motor is all original. Thanks for your question and interest. Yes it’s cut and ranked, but kept low. The bike was built for the look so the relationship of rider to the top yoke is close. Don’t hesitate with any questions.
  • ...also, stock frame with neck cut and raked?
  • You mentioned "XL1000 iron barrel" which was much later than the 1963 this motor indicated. Did you mean a later 1000cc top end was fitted to the earlier lower end, or is it the original 883cc top end from '63?