1971 Yamaha DS7

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Up for sale is the venerable predecessor to the Yamaha RD dynasty, the Yamaha DS7. This is a 2 stroke 250cc machine that came to me by way of a shed find. I am always looking for old motorcycles that have been hidden away in barns and garages. I found this bike in a storage shed, along with several other bikes and projects. According to the PO, he has owned this bike since 1998. The only history known is what has been relayed to me from him. He found this bike sitting in someones yard in a rural area outside of town. He purchased the bike and began a cosmetic restoration that included a complete respray of the frame, tank and side covers. He also put a new top end on the engine that included pistons and rings, seals, etc. It has not seen much road use in the time he has had it. If you look at the "before" picture, he has many bikes. 
During my ownership, I have refreshed the bike to make it a safe and roadworthy machine. I have rebuilt the front forks, replaced tires and tubes. Cleaned the carbs and replaced misc. bulb, and installed a new battery. I also had the seat recovered and new seat foam built for it. This little bike starts, shifts and stops great. It is a blast and so easy to flick around. Walking around the bike, I feel like I should point out that this is NOT a complete restoration. There are parts on this bike that show age, pitting and light rust. Overall, it is in very good shape, but items like the turn signal stalks are heavily pitted. The wiring from the left hand switch to the headlamp is dry and cracked. The zinc plating on the spokes has worn away and some light rust is forming on the spokes. The mufflers are very solid, with no holes, but do show light exterior pitting. 
Also worth mentioning, this bike has been without registration or title since 1989. It will be sold with a bill of sale only. I have checked with my local CHP office, and this bike is out of the DMV system. With some leg work, and minimal out of pocket, the new owner can easily obtain a new title. Please ask any questions in the comment section. I will be happy to answer any and all, and am prepared to show the bike to anyone who wishes to inspect it. Thanks!


$500 bid placed by Keithc2
$100 bid placed by Henderson414


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  • Sunday morning about 8am. 661-477-1089
  • @Jimbos1954– I am available this Sunday for a viewing. Out of town Mon and Tue. What works for you?
  • I am interested in seeing the bike and I live right outside of Bakersfield.