1975 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport Triubute

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Motorcycle Make

Moto Guzzi


V7 Sport Triubute






Restored, as new

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Central Valley, CA


LeMans cam, lightened flywheel, electronic ignition

This 1975 Moto Guzzi 850T is a stunning tribute to the earlier and more sporting V7 Sport. It arrived at my door as a severely neglected project that had stalled due to the previous owner's inadequacies regarding mechanical aptitude. I immediately dismantled the entire bike, down to the crankshaft, gearbox internals and final drive ring gear. The frame and all associated parts were sent out and powder coated gloss black. I was able to source a V7 Sport style tank from MG Cycle, along with several other correct parts for the tribute build. The challenge came in finding a correct set of pattern tool boxes, which were sourced from Belgium, and the ever difficult to find, rear fender. That came from Germany. I found a set of refurbished and correct gauges from Italy and brought those in, as the set included with the bike were incorrect. According to the previous owner, this bike was said to be "road ready" with the exception of some minor electrical work. So not the case. To keep this story brief, I rebuilt the entire engine. The case, heads, and bare transmission case were all sent to the media tumbler for clean up. The crankshaft received a first under size grind and the rods received first over size shells. Since the bores were so badly scored, I replaced bores, pistons and rings with an 850cc Gilardoni kit. I put the stock camshaft on the shelf and installed a LeMans 1 cam that I'd been coveting for years. The heads were fitted with new valves and guides. The valve seats were touched up very lightly and I hand lapped the valves ensuring an air tight seal. The gearbox was in great shape, including 2nd and 3rd gears. All new bearings and seals were installed and it was all shimmed correctly. The clutch and ALL associated parts, including clutch hub were installed. It has a LeMans lightened flywheel. The final drive got the same treatment. It, too was very clean inside and only showed signs of light use. It was reassembled, shimmed and tested. As the bike started coming together, the need arose to have a reliable electrical system. I called on Gregory Bender at This Old Tractor to make me a complete wire harness that would cross over 850T/V7 Sport use. Gregory is a true craftsman. It is finished in Spanish Gold. This is a color that I researched for several months, as the restoration was happening. Since this is not a true V7 Sport, I wanted to give it a color that I've never seen on any other Sport. This Guzzi runs superbly. It starts from cold very easily and settles into a nice lumpy idle. It has 341 miles on the odometer, and that reflects the actual mileage added since the nut and bolt restoration. Carbs were cleaned, re-jetted and synced to perfection. Its got a Dyna III electronic ignition that fires the engine beautifully. It is truly a joy to ride. It's low end grunt combined with the amazing note coming from the Lafranconi exhaust system makes this bike as close, if not better in some regards, as the real thing.


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