1961 BSA Goldstar Clubman

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Technical Features

Motorcycle Make



Goldstar Clubman






Restored- Factory Correct

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Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Factory Spec

Up for your consideration is a wonderful piece of British Motorcycle History. The 1961 BSA Goldstar Clubman. I have owned this particular bike for many years as it has been the pride of my collection.

This is another stunning and correct restoration by my good friend, Martin Schalkwijk, or Martin S. as he's known. As with all of Martin's bikes, there is a pedigree. His builds are pure and perfect and fetch only premium prices at any sale or auction house. please refer to the gallery of pictures to aid in your bidding.  

As with my other bikes on offer, this bike has been certified by The VMCC--the paperwork, however, can not be located at this time. Easily retrieved for the new buyer to source for him/her self. 

My health has taken a turn, otherwise, I would not be selling these bikes. I will be offering a Rocket Goldstar Scrambler built by Martin S, as well as an A10 Spitfire Scrambler, built by Jim Hiddleston of Holland. Please contact Motoauct (jdelacroix@motoauct.com) if you'd like to purchase all 3 bikes together. Ideally, I'd like to see them stay in a collection. I am also offering a mountain of old British bike parts. I've got rooms full of misc. tanks, frame parts, clocks, silencers, levers, lamps, etc. Again, contact Motoauct for details. 


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  • Very beautiful bike, I wish I could afford it. I would be interested in seeing what parts you have for sale, I live in your area.