1975 Norton Commando Mk3

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Not really just some aesthetic changes using earlier andover components.

I got the bike from the original owner.  It has just over 3000 original miles on the clock.  The bike sat for a good 30 years.  100 percent mechanical restoration.  Genuine Andover Norton Spares throughout.


Crank out rebuild.
- new rod bearings just because I was in there weren't needed.
- Cylinder was honed
- New standard piston rings
- Lightly polished camshaft and rockers (all in excellent condition)
- Head was totally gone through and rebuilt.  Seats lightly cut and lapped one valve was replaced.  New springs and bronze guides.
- All new seals/gaskets
- All new oil lines proper herringbone from Andover.  (except the breather I reused)
- Stainless rocker shaft end caps and screws
- Lightweight aluminum exhaust collar nuts with special well made tool to remove and install them.
- All covers polished
- Carbs fully rebuilt and tuned.


- New 4 brush high output modern starter (smaller and lighter than original)
- I also rebuilt the original prestolite starter and have a spare set of brushes because I'm crazy.  It's been bench tested and works great.
- New sprag clutch
- Anti-backfire mechanism set/tested
- I have not tested the starter system yet as I've wanted engine to run in a bit so just been kicking it.
- rest of primary was just disassembled and cleaned.  It was all in excellent condition.
- Polished cover.


- Both calipers polished and fully rebuilt with stainless pistons and (polished) plugs.
- Stainless rear master cylinder
- All new brake lines front and back
- Rebuilt front master cylinder
- Restored rotors
- New wheel bearings
- New Dunlops correct 4.10 x 19 both front and rear. 
- Wheel and disc true as could be with dial indicator
- All black parts around masters were blasted and repainted as part of rebuilding with high temp chemical resistant paint for braking systems.


- Front forks rebuilt.  Lowers polished.  New Stanchions all new bushings, seals, sealing washers etc.  New andover fork gaiters.
- Rear shocks are new.  Emgo reproduction.


- Isolastics all good
- Frame paint is all original and shines great.  It was power buffed with a power drill and a bunch of buff attachments.  Still has original decals for oil etc.

Gearbox :

- I did not do anything to the gearbox internally.  With such low mileage and based on the state of everything else I saw.  I drained it down and did a fluid service.
- Also ended up pulling the outer cover off to sort a few things out and did new gaskets and polished the cover at that time.

- New cloth bound wiring harness
- New assimilator
- New motobatt battery ( with charging pigtail wired in a nice hidden accessible spot since it's a pain to get to battery.)
- handlebar switches all cleaned and rebuilt / restored.
- New regulator/rectifier podtronix unit with capacitor.
- New plug wires


- Paint is all original john player scheme
- Tank was lined professionally by me and when I do this it takes a full entire weekend I do not cut corners.  Lifetime.  I only do this for myself.  Proven success.
- New lucas headlight bucket and fork ears.
- Left side panel was missing when I got the bike and it's from a 74 model but it's an original hand painted cover to match the rest of the original hand painted stripes.
- Gauges were restored/repainted to match h bar switches
- triples blasted and repainted
- handlebars are Norton P11 bars
- exhaust pipes are commando "S" pipes.


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  • I'm in SoCal, may I come to see the bike?
  • Just wanted to make a note that the High idle and slow deceleration in the video is due to the stock carburetor balance "tee" being installed as this is running the stock airbox but it clearly has a vacuum leak. I have several other videos of the bike running with just a tube from intake to intake and with the sync on it etc to show balance with proper running. I had installed this after tuning it to enter it in a show and this video was after the show. Unfortunately I deleted the videos from my phone but you can find them here. https://www.instagram.com/p/B3vLFVLhzoJ/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet https://www.instagram.com/p/B3sXZbehqjO/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet https://www.instagram.com/p/B1KF-pJhSh3/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link