1962 Kawasaki Sport Special 125

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Sport Special 125






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Bakersfield, CA


Kawasaki Heavy Industry's entrance into the then globally competitive motorcycle market came in the year 1961. Most of the marques that survived and thrive now had long been established by the time Kawasaki threw their hat into the ring. Enter the Kawasaki Sport Special 125, or B8. This bike served as the flagship model for the quickly expanding name. Badged by Omega, assembled and exported by Ken Kay, this little 2 stroke had a huge impact on its competition when it broke on to American soil. Information is scarce, complete bikes and parts are even more scarce. I believe that I have one of the most complete and preserved original B8s in existence today. I was teased with the rumors of this bike sitting in an attic for years, but never got around to chasing it down. Finally, the opportunity to see it dropped in my lap when the owner contacted me, letting me know it was available to view. The bike was in much better condition than I could have imagined. Most of these prospects end in a clapped out, old pile of parts that is hardly worth the time to go and look. But you ALWAYS have to go and look! Long story longer, it took a forklift and a strong pallet to bring this bike down from its dark resting place of nearly 30 years. It has been meticulously cleaned and will be made to run in the coming days. It has very strong compression. I just had a key made, and the battery has been ordered. This bike cleaned up so well. As the dust and grime were removed, they revealed an amazingly preserved bike. The frame numbers and engine numbers correspond. All of the chrome is in excellent condition. The exhaust has no rust. As seen, there is some corrosion in the battery area from previous acid etching. Chrome wheels and spokes show very little of their age. All badging and correct labels are present. The title is clean and original from 1962. A bill of sale will accompany the new owners purchase.


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