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As state, I am selling off the remainder of my little motorcycle collection. Up for sale is my Ducati Cadet. This was an eBay purchase a few years back when I thought I had time to devote to this hobby. I purchased this bike exactly as you see it. I have been drawn to the smaller Italian bikes for many years, and this bike gave me too many reasons to save it from a fate far worse than just sitting in my garage. As seen, it is the prototypical old Italian bike. Rust in all of the usual places. Despite its rusty auburn tint, there is a spectacular little motorcycle in there. I had it running very easily shortly after I purchased it. What a blast to ride up the long hill to my mailbox and back! I'd guess now that the carburetor has gummed up from resting so long without use, as I kick through, the compression is great, and the spark is there, but it will not run. This bike did not come to me with much of any service history. The seller was not forthcoming with too much information other than the requisite conveyance of "It ran when I parked it". So, I'll pay that sentiment forward and say that yes, it ran when I parked it, and it will run again. Please ask questions. This bike is far better than I have described it!!


$1000 bid placed by Richny13


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  • Joe, I have the current bid at $1000. I was just in Bakersfield to buy another bike here on motoauct, the 39 Enfield. If you will let it go for 1150 ill come pick it up this weekend. let me know, 831-206-2816. Thanks, Rich
  • I’m getting this email through the site, but it doesn’t show any offer. I’ll reach out to them as well to see what’s going. Respectfully, Joe
  • Hi @BobbyJoe - I tried again to see if it goes through, did anything come? I also checked with Motoauct and they said it should have gone through?
  • Good evening. Stock1x - Thanks for reaching out. I did not receive your offer through the system. I am happy to entertain one though. Just let me know what you’re thinking. Have a good evening. Respectfully, Joe
  • Hi there. I sent an offer a week or two ago after missing the auction close but don't seem to have gotten a response. Just making sure it went through?
  • @aduthie- The Ducati is located in Bakersfield CA. Cheers!
  • What’s the location? That field is blank in the listing.