1963 BSA Rocket Gold Star

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Rocket Gold Star






Correctly restored- Excellent Condition

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Bakersfield, CA


Factory Specifications

1963 BSA A10 Rocket Gold Star
 Engine# DA10R 8645 HHC
 Frame# GA10697
 Displacement: 650CC Twin
 Ignition: Magneto, Lucas K2F
 Carburetor: Amal Monoblock 389/94
 Fuel tank capacity: 4 gallons
 Rare 19" Dunlop alloy rims
 190mm front brake- full-width alloy hub
 ARRT Roller Bearing transmission

 This bike started life from the factory as true Cafe Racer and represented the last of the pre-unit series of bikes. It was assembled by taking the popular single Gold Star and replacing the engine with the 650cc twin A10 engine, along with its own special options such as high compression pistons and special performance cams. This combination proved to be the best handling and greatest power output of the BSA A10 line of bikes.

 This bike was the subject of a complete and comprehensive nut and bolt restoration in 2008 by Mickey Peters. Mickey Peters is very well known for his precision and the correct nature of his work when it comes to vintage British engineering. None better. Suffice it to say, every nut and is correct, correctly placed and correctly plated.

 I have meticulously maintained this bike since its restoration in 2008. I have owned the bike for more than 25 years in total. I use this bike on club rides and local rides with the exception of 2008 when it was shipped to the Isle of Mann. As history goes on this bike, there are only about 1600, and of those, 700 were Spitfire Scramblers. Very rare today, and the most desirable of the A10 models. Approximately 4000 miles on the total rebuild, the odometer states over 10k. Please ask questions and bid with confidence. This is one of the best you will find, period.


$6500 bid placed by Spokenut


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  • Just a note and i may be incorrect to say - I'll have to check, but didn't the RGS come with a RR2T stamped gearbox.??
  • @BSAGold- I must have mistakenly not included that picture in the gallery. I can certainly get it to you if needed.
  • Hello. Do you have pictures of the numbers stamped into the gearbox? Thank you