1965 BSA Cyclone Road

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Virginia, U.S.


12 volt electronic digital ignition

For sale is my 1965 Mandarin Red BSA Cyclone road model.  This is the A50 500cc dual carburetor engine.  This moto was produced for one year only; a limited number were manufactured and a very limited number were imported to the U.S. as the A65 650cc was more in demand.  As far as I have been able to determine there is only one other survivor in the U.S. and that is in a private collection. I believe this to be the only one still on the road in original condition.  I have no provenance for this moto; I was told by the former owner, Bob's Classic Bikes in Indiana, that the engine had been recently rebuilt (i.e., probably approximately 5 years ago) and the bike performs in line with his report.  The moto has been ridden only approximately 200 miles since then.  The speedo has recently stopped working; I believe this to be a cable issue.  The moto was converted to a Tri-Spark 12 volt electronic digital ignition system earlier this year by Terry Parker of Parker Performance in Maryland to enable it to be a daily runner.  As such, it kicks over easily and reliably.  None of the original wiring was removed and the original points, condenser, etc kept if a future owner wishes to restore the moto to its original 6 volt condition.  The seat is almost certainly re-done but is accurate in its details.  Period correct handlebar mirror.  As far as I know, the moto is otherwise original.  There are  two small dings in the fiberglass side-covers; I have tried to show them in the photos.  I have recently had my L3, 4, and 5 vertebrae fused and am now having to rely on electric starters.  Two shop manuals included. Who would like to be the next custodian of this piece of rare motorcycle history?


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  • Gary: After a thorough search of both carbs I cannot find any number on either. Sorry.
  • They would be on the mounting flange. Maybe one has it and not the other. They are typically in the area where the stud and bolt are
  • Gary: I cannot locate a number on either carb. Should it be on the top between the bolts near the gasket?
  • Thanks for the number info. Can you provide the number stamping on the top of the mount portion of the carbs. It is likely either 376 or 389.
  • May I ask which part of Va the bike is located? I live in central Va.
  • Gary: the frame number is A50B7477 and the engine number is A50D262. As you may know, frame and engine numbers did not necessarily match at the time.
  • What are the engine and frame numbers?
  • Roper, The 200 miles on the speedo represents the approximately 90 miles put on the bike by the previous owner after the rebuild and the mileage I put on prior to the speedo ceasing to record. I put about 150 miles on the moto in total, so probably about 240 miles since the rebuild all told.
  • It says approximately 200 miles since engine rebuild.
  • The mileage on this moto is unknown.