1971 Bmw R60/5

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Bakersfield CA


Completely rebuilt engine

Up for sale is my beautiful 1971 BMW R60/5. I have had a love affair with BMW and Moto Guzzi engines for many years. This bike is no exception to that. One of the finest and well sorted bikes I have in my collection. A little bit of history on this bike: I purchased it from the second long-term owner, the first being his brother. It was sitting in a 4th floor office of an historic building here in Bakersfield, CA. It shared a window with a ficus for about a dozen or so years. Prior to that, it had been stored in the basement for 20 or so years of the 100+ year old building. Now, when I responded to the ad for this bike, I didn't know what I was getting into. I took the rattling freight elevator to the 4th floor and walked down the long, damp hallway to meet the owner. According to him, it was in excellent condition. Short of being covered in a sticky film from its ficus neighbor, it appeared to be all original. Based on my experience, this bike was a very nice time capsule that only needed some good cleaning. When I tried to use the kick start lever to move the engine, it was stuck. I had a little bit of leverage with the owner at that point. I made a deal and loaded it into the freight elevator and down 4 floors to ground level. I pushed that bike, with 2 flat tires up four blocks to my truck and trailer. Back at my shop, my worst fears became a reality when, after throwing all I know at getting the engine free, nothing worked. I am no stranger to engine building, so I started to remove the parts to see where the seizure was. Luckily, it was the right cylinder. Due to the moisture in that old building, the piston had frozen itlself to the cylinder wall. After a lengthy battle to carefully remedy that issue, the engine rebuild commenced. At a great cost, I used all NOS BMW parts for this build. I replaced the pistons, rings and pins with .5mm over size, and bored the cylinders to match. The crank was still perfect, so I replaced the rod bearings and thrust bearings with STD size parts. I replaced the valves and valve guides, though it probably wasn't needed. I replaced the timing chain, guide, alternator, and points. I resurfaced the flywheel and installed a new clutch. I rebuilt the carburetors. The gearbox was serviced, along with the final drive. I installed a new cardon joint and boot. Front forks were completely rebuilt, and progressive springs added. New tires, and rubber parts throughout, and a smattering of stainless hardware to replaced the dull bits. This bike is very well sorted. It is very quiet and will idle at way under 500 rpms, though I don't let it. I have put thousands of trouble free miles on since the rebuild. It has proven to be very reliable, with no idiosyncrasies what so ever. The only issue I did not deal with is the inoperable tachometer. But these airheads are so visceral, I've never felt the need for that expenditure. It starts, runs, rides, shifts and stops perfectly. Period. As seen in the pictures, it has new whispertone exhaust. New Continental tires, the original tool kit, owners manual, overseas manual, and BMW towel. It's a nice bike. Titled and registered in my name. Tags good till Feb 2019.


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