1972 Honda CT70HK1

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New Seat cover and upper side frame stickers

Extremely RARE!! 1971 Honda CT70H, up for auction. The original ST70 DAX (DAX, being short for Dachshund or wiener dog) was renamed as the CT70 when it was sold into Canada and the US. A minibike distinguished by a pressed steel T-bone frame and equipped with folding handle bars. Coming in at 72cc’s this rare 4 speed manual transmission minibike has become very sought after. I found this little treasure, along with a host of other bikes. I gently rubbed on the original side tags, all still in place, to find what one would only hope for! The CT70H! I brought it back to my shop, cleaned it up, put some fuel in it and just as a Honda always does, it fired right up. I put new tubes in, had the original seat pan cleaned up and a new seat cover put on. I put new side frame Honda stickers on it. The headlight, taillight and horn work. It shifts through all the gears seamlessly. That I can tell, it is a beautiful example of an all original, minus the seat cover and Honda side stickers, ct70h. The original tags are on it and in pretty decent shape. It’s age appropriate with some minor rust spots. There is a small ding on the upper right frame side where the “N” in Honda is. There is a crack in the left engine side cover. See pictures. The exhaust pipe is clean, no holes or major rust. Please see pictures and ask questions if you have any concerns. This bike comes with a bill of sale only, it was last registered in 83’. 

Thank you and Good Luck!

1970 -late year Honda introduced a 4-speed manual clutch version known as model “HKO” while the KO three-speed remained on the market.

1972 -introduced the K1 and HK1 changing from combination headlight speedometer bucket to a separate speedo and headlight, changed front shock design.


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