1939 Royal Enfield Military C Model

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Mickey Peters


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Royal Enfield


Military C Model






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Bakersfield CA


This is a 1939 Royal Enfiled Model "C" 350cc military issue. This motorcycle comes with a South African Police history and import documentation included in the sale. For my purposes, it has a California title in my name, and currently on a non-op with no fees attached. This motorcycle has received a very thorough mechanical restoration and a fairly complete cosmetic restoration. I purchased this bike, in a group with several other English bikes that had been sitting in a private collection in the corner of a warehouse. Before I knew it, I was hauling 5 bikes across town to my workshop in a fit of gluttony. Further research shows that this is a "C" model bottom end with a "C/O" top end. The paper work shows that this is a matching numbers bike, and all correct, save for the top end. I decided to start with this bike here, thinking it did not require as much to make it a road worthy bike, but that is where I was wrong. What follows is a description of what has been replaced/restored: Complete engine rebuild, starting with the bottom end, oil pump, pistons, rings, bearings, etc. Complete top end rebuild including new valves and rocker blocks Complete gear box rebuild, with correct gear indexing New clutches New chains New wheel bearings, stainless spokes and rims New stainless exhaust New paint and powder coat ALL bushings and pivot shafts in girder front end. It's perfect. New wire harness of my own design The mag dyno and armature was rebuilt/rewound by J. Wood in PA New 6v dry cell battery New tool boxes with locks (not correct locks) The correct speedometer is included and installed on the bike, however, I do not have the correct speedometer. I do have a good core that will be included in the sale. The correct clock is an 80mph without the trip odometer. I've got a hand full of the drive parts, and all the gearing is still in the front hub. This bike runs very well. It starts so easily, and has a strong spark. The gearbox, which faught me the entire way, is now corrected and gives smooth and sure shifting. This is a great bike for someone to take to the next level. All of the heavy lifting has been done. Please look at the pictures and ask questions.


$4350 bid placed by Richny13


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  • My bid doesn't show up when Ive tried a few times. If your interested in selling at last price feel free to call me(858) 568-3105
  • Im very interested. Feel free to reach out
  • If you need it gone, offer still stands. Stay safe. Dave
  • Thanks!
  • all gold is by hand RE is decal
  • Mickey ~ Is the pinstriping hand-applied paint or is it tape? It appears somewhat uneven in places...
  • @Dave- Yes- I had the bike painted green. It is located in Bakersfield CA Thanks!
  • @sweet_baby_james This is a C model with CO top end. And yes it is a true war department bike.
  • The bike was originally red/maroon as noted in the South African title document? You painted it green? Where is the bike located?
  • Hi Mickey. Is this a WD bike? Do you know if it is truly a C or CO?
  • What is the reserve here please?
  • @xroads—Sorry, the bike is located in Bakersfield, CA. Thanks!
  • Nice bike! Location?