1963 BSA Rocket Gold Star Scrambler

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Mickey Peters


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Rocket Gold Star Scrambler






Factory Correct Restoratoin

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Bakersfield, CA



I have decided to sell my 1963 BSA Rocket Gold Star Scrambler. I restored this motorcycle about 4 years ago, and this is as correct a BSA RGS scrambler as you could hope to find. To start, the engine, gear box, frame, and fenders were born together. I have the official BSA build sheet giving all of the details of delivery and construction of this particular bike. This bike has gone on to win numerous awards, including "Best Competition Bike" at the mid-state show, and a 1st place at the Clubman show in northern CA, among others. I disassembled the engine and restored it using all of the correct hardware along the way. The pistons and barrels are .020" over with a 357 cam. 9:1 pistons, competition magneto with factory block off plate for the generator. The "T" designation for the gearbox shows that it is the correct torrington bearing box with factory scrambler gearing. The frame has been powder coated and the paint scheme is correct for this bike. Re-chromed Jones rims with Dunlop Trials front tire and Dunlop knobby in the rear, with stainless spokes. As said, this bike is the genuine article and not a reproduction A10. Some of the rubber bits have dried, and the foot peg rubbers have split in a couple of places. This bike mainly sits in my living room, unless it is taken out doors to shows. It was run for a brief period, to get ignition timing correct, and to make sure there was oil pressure, and correct function of the clutch and gear box. This is a functional museum piece. A very rare piece of BSA race history.


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