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Up for sale is a comprehensively restored 1966 Honda CB160. Up for sale is a comprehensively restored 1966 Honda CB160. 

At the time of my purchase several years ago, it started out as a very complete restoration candidate with low mileage (about 3k) The bike seemed to run fairly well, but I wanted a show piece. 

The pictures will show in detail the extent of the restoration from an aesthetic view: New paint, chrome, polished alloy, new hardware, etc. What you don't see are all of the details put into the rebuild of the engine and gear box. The engine was rebuilt from the crank shaft out. All new pistons, rings, bearings, seals etc. have been installed, all being NOS or OEM Honda parts. No substitutions. The engine was rebuilt, balanced and blue printed by Ed Swortfiguer, a renowned Honda motorcycle expert. 
The bike runs superbly. It starts very easily from cold with just a touch of the starter button. No smoke or funny noises. Just a stable cadence from the 160 twin motor. Shifting is smooth going up or down through the gears. I sourced a pair of NOS carburetors that are correct for this the slope of this particular motor. The carburetors were brand new in the box from Honda. They are in excellent tune, perfectly balanced. The mufflers and exhaust pipes are original to the bike. They have been re-chromed and are perfect. 

The bike has only covered 141 miles since the complete restoration. I was able to source an NOS speedometer for the restoration so the true mileage of this restored machine is reflected on the new clock. 

For the keen observer, the left tank emblem is backwards. At the time of restoration, these were not easy to come by, so 2 right side emblems are on the bike. Now that they are fairly easy to come by, it shouldn't be an issue for the new owner make that change if they wish to.  

Please add any comments or questions as you see fit. I'll answer them as best as I can. 


$2500 bid placed by Gopherbikes


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