1975 Norton Commando 850

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Commando 850







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Bakersfield, CA


Dyno Dave electric starter, heavy cables

I've decided to sell my 1975 Norton Commando MK3. This bike came out of a garage in Minnesota. The story passed along to me from the original owner was that he was a farmer who only rode the bike during the short riding season, in between his farming duties. The mileage shown on the odometer is just under 2,000. The trip odometer doesn't work, but the odometer does. I can't claim that the miles are accurate, but the bike does not show any signs of ever being apart. All of the fasteners are original to the bike, including the timing cover and primary cover screws, which are usually swapped for allen head bolts after the originals have all been stripped out. I've owned many MK3 Nortons, and have restored many as well, and this bike, apart from the Dyno Dave starter, and mufflers, is all original. The airbox has been removed, but is included in the sale, along with the original starter, and right hand control switch. The original Lucas switch failed, and was replaced by a Sparx unit. Everything works as it should, and works very well. The bike is in excellent tune. It starts VERY easily from cold, with only a little choke needed. It settles into a very smooth idle, no smoke, no funny noises. Going down the road, the bike has great manners. The acceleration is instant and comes on very easily. It shifts very smoothly and deliberately, despite the clunky shift mechanism given to these bikes in 1975. The brakes are surprisingly ample, with the rear brake working better than any MK3 Norton I've ever had! The original chrome brake discs are still with the bike. The swing arm does not move around, and the rear isolastics still hold the cradle to the frame tightly. The overall finishes of the bike are consistent with its age. The rims have some flaking chrome, as does the kick start lever. The paint on the tank is crazed, and thin in areas. The steel side covers have been repainted at some point. Very well done too. As seen in the pictures, there is a golf ball sized dent on the left side. The bike fell over at some point in its life. Please ask any questions along the way.


$8500 bid placed by Phestad


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  • I got an email from s sage but I don't think that was you? Please resend hestad@sbcglobal.net Thanks!
  • @Phestad— The tank and side covers are steel. Did you receive my email?
  • is the fuel tank fiberglass or metal??
  • Good morning.., The other day I bid $8275 at the last 30 second but it didn't show up on the auction? I interested in this bike. Please call me at 847-710-2628 and let's see if we can put something togeather Peter Hestad
  • @Phestad- I would beg to differ with regards to the Commando crankshaft and bearings for this model. Prior to ‘72, you have an argument, and a valid one, especially when it came to the high compression Combat models. With the compression @ 10:1, the stock Combat main and rod bearings took a thrashing. This made Norton react by changing main bearings to a RHP “Superblend” style roller bearing. This particular bearing is over qualified to handle the most demanding of riding styles. NOW, if you said a MK3 Norton has the possibility of running a “soft” cam, or a lay shaft bearing that could be prone to failure, I’d agree. Assuming that this engine has not been apart one does not know. However, I’ve got all of the parts in place to do a proper lay shaft bearing replacement if this bike does not sell. This includes the Mick Hemmings 6203TB FAG single row ball bearing that he goes (or used to) racing with. My gosh, I love these old bikes! Thank you for your comments!
  • I guess the one thing to take into consideration is if the engine has never been taken apart, the crankshaft main bearings would need to be replaced since it was a common problem with the 850 engine.
  • @Phestad—Yes, all numbers match on this Norton. The title is clean, in my name and tags are current. Thanks for helping clarify! I should have mentioned that in the description. Good luck!
  • Nice Bike. Since it's never been apart, I assume matching numbers and clear title ?
  • @Sammytb--I have chosen to re-list the bike. My reserve price is fair, and I hope as this site gains more traction, it will be sold right here! Thanks!
  • I've already bid on this bike once before and yes, it was too cheap and I expected the price to rise but it never did. It would have been nice to at least hear from someone as to what is/was going on. IOW, am I wasting my time here?