1973 Bmw R75/5

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Here is another offering for Motoauct. This is a 1973 BMW R75/5 that I chased for a number of years. I first met Bob, the original owner, several years ago when I was restoring my first airhead BMW. He came to my shop because he heard of another airhead beemer in our town and inquired about having some work done on his, for a future ride to Alaska. I offered my services then, and continued to do so over the next several years. Nothing was ever done with the bike, and it just sat in Bob's garage with more and more junk piling around it and on top of it. I offered many times to buy the bike, but was always met with the same answer: "I'm going to get it running and ride it to Alaska." Then out of the clear blue sky, Bob sold it to his neighbor, who had always admired the bike from across the street. The neighbor did a wonderful job of bringing the bike to a good running state. Tires were replaced, carburetors were extensively rebuilt. Minor electrical issues from sitting were addressed, as well as a full fluid exchange. During his brief ownership, the bike was offered to me, running, but not well enough to be reliable. I purchased the bike and installed new points, then tuned and balanced the carburetors. The left cylinder was leaking at the base gasket, so both heads and jugs were removed and re-sealed. I gave a quick hone to the cylinders, which were in perfect condition, and reassembled the lot after cleaning the pistons and rings. The heads were pressure tested, and leak checked. Timing was set, heads torqued, and valves adjusted. This bike starts very easily from cold and runs out exceptionally well. The drum brakes are ample. I've installed 2 new stainless battery covers, as they were lost in Bob's mess years ago. The paint is original, and the tank shows a small ding or to and some faded paint. The front fender has scratches from who knows what. The horn is not installed, but is included. It does not work, and I was looking for another. All of the electrical components work very well. The speedo and tachometer work, as well as all of the lights in the instrument panel. Sadly, we lost Bob a couple of months back. I had hoped that this bike would have made it to Alaska with him on it. I'm sure it would make it there today with no issues. Please ask any questions or comment on anything I may not have covered. Thanks!


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