Quite simply, MOTOAUCT is the world’s first online vintage motorcycle auction. Our company was born out of a necessity to bring vintage motorcycles, in a live auction platform, to your home PC or smart device. We feel as though we have captured a very unique market in the ever-growing online market place. We are very pleased and excited to begin this journey with you! Thank you for checking us out!


WHY NOT? Is a better question. We are enthusiasts selling to enthusiasts. Our mission at MOTOAUCT is to provide some of the best, and most unique vintage motorcycles through the community of users on this site. We have created a very special place for those passionate about motorcycles to come and share their unique bikes with the rest of the world. As the MOTOAUCT community builds, so will the number auctions being hosted, and therefore, the variety of vintage motorcycles on offer. Listing your bike on MOTOAUCT solves the problem of logistics. There is no longer the need to provide transport of your bike to a “tent pole” auction location. You will not have to make travel plans, and the need to cover great distances to get to the auction is a thing of the past. Your motorcycle stays at home, with you until it is sold.

How Does MOTOAUCT Work?

The criteria are easy. MOTOAUCT is narrowly focused on auctioning motorcycles that are 25 years old or older. The process? It’s very easy, too. When the time comes for you to part with your machine, and you have chosen our site to represent the sale, you will be provided with the necessary instructions to add your bike to the lineup through the Sell Your Bike option. From there, simple and clear instructions will be provided to easily guide you through the experience. Once your detailed photos have been received, a thorough description of the bike has been given and a realistic price/reserve has been established, your bike will go live shortly thereafter. Your auction will run for 7 days. You will be able to watch each bid as it is placed and opt for alerts on your phone or computer as the bids progress and comments are made. There will be no proxy bidding on this site. The highest bid will be reflected immediately upon placement. With each auction we will allow the members of the MOTOAUCT community to vet the bikes as they are listed. This builds the confidence of both bidder and seller. Having a community of well-versed motorcycle enthusiasts on hand to validate a bike’s condition and or correctness has shown to yield greater success in completing a sale. Reserves will not be revealed, unless the bike is being sold without reserve. In the case of a no reserve auction, it will be clearly advertised as such. Revealing your reserve during the auction has a tendency to slow the bidding process down. We want to see exciting action for each auction listing, so keep those reserves a secret! There will be no “sniping” on this site, either. Our Moto Meter will run down to the last minutes of the auction. When a bid is placed within those last few moments, the timer on the Moto Meter will reset. This will continue until all of the bids are in and the time has run out, that is when the auction ends.

How Much Does It Cost?

We have set up a guideline for pricing. For the seller, the insertion fee to sell your motorcycle on MOTOAUCT is $98.00 For the buyer, you will agree to pay a commission fee of 6% in addition to the final bid price, to be assessed at the end of each auction and is based on the final bid price.

As a Seller , How Do I Get Paid? As a Buyer, How Do I get My New Bike?

During the auction, each bidder will be registered via credit card, in advance before being able to place bids. This will eliminate the folks who think it’s funny to bid on an item and then not pay for it, like on other auction sites. Communication and dialog are encouraged throughout the auction process, so that both buyer and seller have a clear understanding of what is being bought or sold. At the end of the auction, the winning bidder and seller will be emailed through MOTOAUCT with contact information for each party, or through a PM exchange. It is up to those parties to agree on how payment will be made and how shipping will be carried out. Again, we encourage clear and constant communication. These will be the keys to success for every bidder and buyer on MOTOAUCT.