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I am regretfully selling this absolutely gorgeous 1978 Ducati 900GTS. I purchased this bike from a man in Florida who had owned the bike since the early 1980s. This Ducati truly shows pride of long term ownership. The mileage, according to the previous owner, is original to the bike. The original safety wiring on the horizontal header is present, showing that this engine has not been apart. According to the PO, only the needed maintenance has been carried out over his years of ownership. The rear shocks were replaced at some point, and unfortunately, the originals are long gone. The same goes for the rims, they have been replaced by shouldered alloy rims from Buchanans. The original Radaelli rims rusted, as they tend to do, and subsequently were replaced.  The tank and side covers have been resprayed within the last few years. 

As seen in the video, this bike starts very easily from cold. All of the original E start parts are present and work as Ducati intended them to. The purists out there might note that the air boxes are not present. They are included in the sale if the new owner would like them. I removed them and installed the air box eliminator kit from Bevelheaven, along with new intake spacers. My experience with these bikes tells me that they just run and sound so much better without all of the restricting plumbing under the tank and behind the side covers. 
Upon close inspection, you will notice that some of the alloy surfaces, chrome parts and stainless bits are showing their age. Some dullness and light pitting are present as one would imagine on an original bike of this vintage.
Overall, the experience of riding this bike is amazing. The riding position, combined with the torque from that bevel driven marvel of engineering between your legs and the exhaust note from the original Lafranconi mufflers, will make you want to ride for hours on end. 




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  • Motoauct Team 2017-12-15 19:37:16
    @fatfreddie— Yes, unless otherwise specified, there are reserves on all bikes listed on Motoauct. Thanks! —The Motoauct Team
  • fatfreddie 2017-12-15 19:32:11
    Is there a reserve price on this bike?
  • Motoauct Team 2017-12-05 00:20:28
    @fatfreddie Since our site has just launched, some of the members who are listing bikes are re-listing them after the auctions have ended. As one can imagine, we are not yet flooded with the traffic and the number of bidders and sellers we’d like at this early stage. The seller of this Ducati wants only to sell his bike on our site. As we get further along, and site traffic is at the level where bikes are turning over consistently, we will encourage sellers to list only 1 time. Hope this helps. Thanks for the inquiry! -The Motoauct Team
  • fatfreddie 2017-12-04 22:26:13
    I am a little curious about what is happening with this bike as well. Third time I'm noticing that it is going up for auction.
  • motorrader 2017-11-30 09:06:05
    I posted a bid of $4800 with two minutes left and this site would not process my bid. Please explain.
  • Dormobile1969 2017-11-18 09:25:27
    Wow! What a rare bike! I owned one of these back in the late 70s. Rare does not begin to explain these late bevel drive Ducs. I have to say: I met the owners of this site at IMS this year and must comment, that they were, hands down, the most genuine and authentic chaps on the floor today! Jason listened to my stories of racing old Italian machinery abroad. He understood the history behind these machines and the mechanics involved in keeping them on the road. He truly is an enthusiast and a mechanical gentleman. What a time for a site like this! I have found my new addiction! I'll be watching closely