1970 Triumph Tiger 650

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Mickey Peters

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Tiger 650






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Bakersfield, CA


This is a Mickey Peters build out of his personal collection.

I've got my 1970 Triumph Tiger 650 up for sale. This is a rare domestic market Triumph with a larger capacity fuel tank, and the 5 speed gearbox. These were not exported outside of the UK in any real numbers. This is a unique bike and an even more unique opportunity for someone to purchase such a fine and rare motorcycle. I restore vintage and classic British motorcycles. And have done so for many years. This particular motorcycle was subject to a year long, nut and bolt restoration. Every system on this bike has been correctly restored to factory specifications. The engine and gearbox have been completely refurbished from the sludge trap, out. The wire harness is of my own design and is correctly matches the harnesses produced in England. All fasteners have been cadmium plated, and are all correct for this bike, with exception to the primary cover and timing cover hardware. I opted to use allen style hardware for ease of maintenance. The tank, side covers and fenders, were professionally painted, along with the frame and associated parts, and are an exact match to the paint used from the factory. This is an older restoration, and the miles shown on the refurbished gauges reflects the mileage added to the bike after the restoration work was completed. With an older restoration, there are a few items to note: the header pipes have blued, as they are prone to doing. There are some stains on the right muffler, where a battery had vented. Some of the rubber bits are starting to show wear. The fork gaiters are cracking, but still doing the job. The kick start lever is a little worn as well. AS pictured in the gallery, there is a very small chip in the tank by the steering neck. This bike starts on the first kick from cold, every time, period. It runs out exceptionally well. It shifts beautifully through all of the gears and is such a remarkable British ride. This is the last of the true Triumph motorcycles. Bid with confidence here. This one will not leave you wanting for anything.


$4125 bid placed by GTCarlos
$2550 bid placed by Henderson414


3 Recent Comments

  • Ossamec 2017-12-28 02:26:17
    Did bike not sell?
  • Chad 2017-11-25 18:26:39
    If I'm not mistaken, There aren't a lot of these 5 speed machines out there. Excited to see this kind of quality on this new site.
  • Mickey Peters 2017-09-25 04:14:21
    I just wanted to ad that the title is clean and in my name. Registration is current until April 2018. Fly in and ride it home!