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This 1966 Honda CB160 came to me in the purchase of a small collection of motorcycles. It was a dull and dusty silhouette that was sitting in a darkened corner of a high desert shop. It was parked among some old British and Italian bikes, so I didn't pay it much mind until I rolled it out into the daylight. I brushed some of the dust away from the tank, and the mufflers and the finishes were as one would expect from a Japanese bike, very high quality. Over the next month or so, as this bike now sat in my shop, I hadn't lavished it with the same affection as I had given with the other bikes I had purchased. The day it did go on my lift for triage, and a sponge bath I was very pleased to discover that this bike was either all original or an older restoration that had begun to unwind just a bit. I removed the tank and side covers. There is virtually no corrosion to be found. The rectifier was bright orange/red, as per Honda issue. The air cleaners appear to be newer, and the paper elements are still intact and not falling apart. The wire harness, with the exception of the battery terminal, which had a new ring connector, is all original and the paper date code from 1966 still shows. The chrome, all around, is in very nice shape. The panels on both sides of the tank do show some pitting, but otherwise are bright. The plastic tank badges are probably a later replacement because they are nearly perfect. All of the painted surfaces are bright and shiny. As seen in the photo gallery, the left header pipe looks to be a replacement. It does not have the elegant round sweep into the muffler that the original does. It is a bit more angular in its exit from the head. Hard to notice, but definitely worth pointing out. The mufflers are beautiful and stock Honda. They have retained the original baffles that seem to disappear on every old Japanese bike. Nice little burble exhaust note! Getting on to the work that I needed to do to get this bike back on the road: I replaced the battery. I flushed the fuel tank, and cleaned the carburetors in my ultrasonic cleaner. Since both tires were cracked and flat, I replaced tires and tubes. The speedometer was cable damaged, so it was replaced. That being said, the claimed mileage is unknown, other that what is on the clock. I lubed the chain and cables. I changed the oil in the crank case and cleaned the oil screen, replacing the large o-ring as well. Points and timing were checked, and spot on. This bike starts and runs on the first kick. No smoke, and no noises. I've owned several of these over the years, and this one is far and beyond the others in terms of how well it runs. It is incredible. Very nimble and very quick throttle response. The clutch was sticky at first, from sitting. After several romps around the neighborhood, this has gone away. Clutch pull is very light. The brakes are ample, and period Honda Drums. Its a light bike, and stops in proportion to its size. The seller did not have much history on the bike, other than telling me he saw it in someones yard and made him an offer. There are no tools in the box, no owners manual, etc. Despite that, it is one of the cleanest barn-fresh 160s to be found on the market today.


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  • ok, as my bid was 'blocked' at $2000, when there was 'no reserve'...and now the reserve has obviously been increased substantially...well...
  • If there is no reserve why is the current price $2000?
  • Yes. The electric start works.
  • Does the electric starter work.
  • Hello, Shipping to Florida, if I had to guess, would be in the neighborhood of $350-450, depending on your carrier. I’ve used a few shippers found on UShip.com with great success. Just check their feedback, and choose an open trailer, or enclosed. The enclosed will cost a bit more, but in my opinion is worth the added security. Thanks!
  • how much is shipping to florida?
  • Current status is out of the DMV system. I have a bill of sale from the seller. If it sells, I will be happy to title the bike for the new owner at my expense.
  • What is the registration sticker status at CA DMV? (at least is looks like it might be CA plated).