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Up for auction we have a 1968 BSA B44 Shooting Star. This is the sporting model that arrived later in the line up along side the Victor Special. Unlike the earlier Victor models with the round barrel, this has the square barrel. This bike, to my knowledge, is original and unmolested. I purchased this bike from a long-time owner who claims he was second in line for owning this machine. During my ownership, I have only done the needed basic maintenance to preserve the look and condition of the bike. A fluid change was done, and the carburetor was ultrasonically cleaned and rebuilt. I removed the fiberglass tank and sealed it with Caswell's Dragon Blood, which very closely matches the red on the inside of the tank. The bike starts, runs and rides very well. The tires are period, with a Dunlop Gold K70 in the rear, and a ribbed Inoue in the front. Both are showing age lines, but are still supple. You'll notice in the gallery, that the bike has some dullness and light pitting on the chromed surfaces and scuffing on the paint, that one would say falls in line with its age and use. Please look at all of the pictures and ask any questions in the comment section.


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  • Britguy 2018-02-03 05:42:44
    Hello, I have a vehicle transport going thru Bakersfield Monday with other vehicles. If I am the successful bidder on your Triumph please PM me ASAP to arrange payment and pickup Monday. I'm in the Pacific Northwest. bbevill@smithandbevill.com thanks
  • Motoauct Team 2018-02-02 17:07:12
    @Britguy— Double checked link. It’s good on my end.
  • Britguy 2018-02-02 16:26:57
    Hello, thanks for the info. please recheck that youtube address. It does not want to open up.
  • Motoauct Team 2018-02-02 15:54:22
    @Britguy-- Yes, there is a clean title and current registration with this BSA. There does appear to be something around the filler neck of the bike, if there had been a leak, there is not one currently. As mentioned in the description, it was sealed, something I choose to do with fiberglass tanks, leaking or not. With regard to any repairs to the frame? I've gone back over the pictures, and the bike. I do not see any indication of a repair. That said, the bike rides like it should. I haven't experienced anything out of the ordinary while riding, and neither should the new owner. I hope this helps... also, I uploaded a short video of the bike running on youtube. https://youtu.be/gWBI2GcGja0
  • Britguy 2018-02-01 21:01:27
    I have a few questions about this lovely BSA. Do you have a clear title on the vehicle? there appears to be a good lot of plumbers putty applied to the petrol filler, I'm assuming you're getting some petrol leakage on a full tank. Is that an issue that I would need to remedy or is it leak free now? Tell me about the weld on the neck and frame. Looks possible that it has had some front end damage and required a repair to the frame. Can you verify that or can you comment on the ride and any vibration or hop due to frame geometry? Very interested in your bike and a quick response would be appreciated. thanks, Britguy