1974 Norton Commando

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OK first a little about us.  This Norton was rebuilt by Jim Garrison and 200 Riders Club.  We’re a motorcycle building and restoration cooperative in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn.  The club members include designers and craftspeople who love motorcycles and are dissatisfied with the quality of commercial shops.  Our members include mechanics, metalsmiths, architects, industrial designers - many who are part of Pratt Institute.  Depending on the project we customize, restore (sometimes to concours level), build and design racing and electric motorcycles.  Our bikes have been shown in the Brooklyn Invitational Motorcycle Show, The New York Motorcycle Show, and in the national and international press.


A bit about the Commando.  We received the Norton from Peter Boggia at Moto Borgotaro (who is a very, very fine restorer of largely vintage Italian bikes), who had acquired the bike from a well known local Norton collector.  It was outside of Peter’s focus and he thought that I might enjoy it. It had been customized at some point with some seriously bad decisions.  And it needed love and care – which in the end is what our shop is all about. 


We proceeded to replace many of the customized bits with well sourced original parts. We did not take it entirely back to original condition because we have this thing about machines revealing some history and patina. A round chopper oil tank was replaced with an original square 750 Commando tank that looks very tough post war Brit military,  fabricated custom tank and battery suspension and added a leather battery strap from our local bootmaker.  We added a tail light from a Vincent Black Shadow, and lots of other fine stuff – you can see the list.  


And while we did it we sweated every detail.  One significant detail is the oil sump and circulation upgrade.  Big twins compress the air in the crankcase on the piston downstroke and force oil out of every joint.  That’s why Nortons and their like are known to leak oil. The sump was designed by Jim Comstock – who you can Google – and it relieves crankcase pressure while it increases horsepower.


But about Norton’s in general and the Commando in particular.  This is no mild mannered machine that introduces you to the nicest people.  Think Chuck Yeager, Colin Chapman, Mike Hailwood, and 60’s muscle cars and unless you like your machines raw and powerful it’s best to look elsewhere.  You kick it to start it and you have to keep it in good tune or you have to stay in good shape.  It WILL throw you up in the air if the timings off – don’t ask me how I know.  It’s also a BRITISH motorcycle – which means it has three different thread standards, idiosyncratic engineering, and character in spades.


But when those two big jugs pull you around a corner on its featherbed frame it is like no other experience.  That’s also what the Keihin CR’s are for. Raw, linear torque that comes on like a freight train.  There is nothing else like it.  


Just a couple of other things – if you need an electric start Colorado Norton Works has a well designed kit and we’d be glad to install it.  If you ride in an urban area you’ll probably appreciate a front disk brake – which we would also be glad to install.


And finally if you are in the NYC area and you’d like to see the bike it is on display at Union Garage, 103 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY.  


Good luck bidding.




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Comstock Engineering sump breather and oil passage improvements 

True head and cylinders, freshly honed, w/ ARP studs.

New valves, guides, pistons and rings 

New oil tank, filter, hoses, carrier.

New seat, and hand painted tank

New Keihin CR Special carburetors

New exhaust system

New rubber, kick start lever, horn, etc

New headlight bucket, headlight, wiring and switche

New aluminum Sunlite Rims, SS spokes, Avon Roadriders

New Trispark electronic ignition and battery

New high output alternator from Colorado Norton Works

Spare front wheel, hub, and fork slider for disc brake installation are included

Original Amal carburetors included

Comes with a clear 1975 title.


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  • This is a spectacular machine. I love that the color is muted and the alloy is not show polished. This looks like a mean urban machine with all of the right mods. Can we see some video of this bike running?
  • This Norton truly shows pride in the build. There appears to have no expense spared in this bike. The Comstock parts alone lend even more credence to the assembly, as Jim Comstock has developed so many improvements for your Norton. Don’t just google him, read his threads on accessnorton.com where he is truly an authority with regards to engineering these machines.
  • Super cool bike! Nice work guys.