1966 Honda CB160 Super Sport

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CB160 Super Sport









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***Update--The owner/builder of this motorcycle has registered it in CA. It will be sold with a title! Motoauct is representing the sale of the beautifully restored 1966 Honda CB160 Super Sport. It has been thoroughly and correctly restored, from the engine internals to the flawless chrome finishes by a long-time Honda collector, restorer, and enthusiast. Please see the video and pictures attached. Ask any questions, or add comments along the way. The work speaks for itself, but in the owners words: Restored 1966 CB160 Super Sport. The frame, swing arm, chain cover, front fork tubes and headlight bucket have been straightened and powder coated.The engine has been completely disassembled and bored step 3. New pistons, rings, and pins have been installed. The cylinder and head were media blasted.The head received a valve job. All seals, gaskets and fasteners were replaced with "NOS" parts. New clutch plates were installed. All engine work was done by the late Ed Swortfiguer, a Honda Master mechanic. The mufflers , carbs and front fender are new old stock items. The seat has been stripped and rebuilt. NOS cables have been installed. This bike had 3129 miles before the restoration. It now has 141 miles on the NOS speedo. This mileage reflects actual mileage added since complete engine and gearbox restoration. SOLD ON A BILL OF SALE ONLY BUT HAVE CHP PAPERWORK THAT ALLOWS YOU TO OBTAIN A CA TITLE. I may title this bike during the auction process, contingent on my time and ability to get to the DMV.


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$2800 bid placed by Austinmorgan87
$101 bid placed by rralston

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    @mrhonda1948–you are correct about the “watch” function. We are launching our second phase in the next several days. It is in beta right now. It will include a watch function and many, many more features that will improve our members’ experience with the site. Thanks for reaching out!
  • mrhonda1948 2018-03-20 07:22:29
    I see that you are just getting the site up and going... basically a M/C version of BAT. You might want to add the "WATCH" function onto the auctions so that people can keep track of when they expire. I can't see a button to watch. Is the eyeball just the number of page hits? Very well done CB160... probably as nice as anyone will ever find after 52 years of being on the planet. GLWTA
  • Tbone 2018-03-09 01:47:09
    Once again, Did those other Honda's sell? What did they sell for? and why are results of sales, or bikes that did not reach reserve not listed?
  • tk1769 2018-03-08 03:49:51
    @Motoauct Team : thank you, do you know when you will have your new site will be up and running? as you know I have placed bids multiple times on another item on your site, including a 'no reserve' auction where my bid was not accepted...I guess it's been a frustrating situation as every time I have arranged time for pick-up, but then cannot complete the deal because of an 'unknown variable' within the site that isn't public. I am still very interested in the CB 160(s) you have listed both present and past, I do question the integrity of the site some as it seems somewhat arbitrary when legitimate bids (with the backing of a credit card) are not accepted. I wish you the best with your 'new' site, and I will bid accordingly as the units are both of interest to me, along with being in my region of the country to arrange delivery. Thank you.
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    @tk1769—yes, this auction has a reserve. Unless otherwise specified, all auctions have a reserve price. Our second phase of Motoauct is set to debut soon. It will show auctions as having a reserve met, or not met along with a host of other features to improve our users’ experience. Thanks- ~The Motoauct Team~
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    is there a reserve on this auction?