Jason Delacroix

President and Cofounder

Jason Delacroix has been repairing and restoring motorcycles for more than 20 years. Delacroix still remembers his first project motorcycle, a 1963 Baby Green Honda CA 95 affectionately known as Bangkok Betty. Betty was a Craigslist deal that a man passing through California sold to Jason. It was missing parts and he had no experience, but Delacroix was committed to making Betty work and he eventually succeeded. Betty was repaired and she is what sparked Delacroix love for finding, fixing, and selling vintage motorcycles.

In 2004, Delacroix, with a business partner, opened At Your Service Automotive, a 4,000-square foot automotive repair shop in Bakersfield, CA. Delacroix successfully operated that business until 2012, when he sold his share of the shop to his business partner. Delacroix then changed careers and in 2012 became General Manager of Lengthwise Brewing Company, also in Bakersfield. Despite the careers in automotive and brewing, Delacroix remained a part of vintage motorcycle culture.

Even though his shop was strictly for automotive repair, Delacroix made sure to mark off a space in the facility to allow him to pursue his true passion: restoring and repairing vintage motorcycles. With each progressive project, Delacroix found that the motorcycle rebuilds got larger and more challenging and eventually Delacroix mastered the full tear down and rebuilding of vintage motorcycles. Over the last two decades, Delacroix has bought, repaired, restored and sold dozens of vintage motorcycles, so he knows the time, the effort, and the care that goes into finding the right project bike.

In 2015, Delacroix was at Bonham’s taking a 1955 Honda Dream 4E to auction when he and MOTOAUCT co-founder Jason Williams realized it was time to build MotoAuct.com. Delacroix realized that there was a need and a niche for online vintage motorcycle buying and selling. With the effort and cost involved in motorcycle auctions, an online site would bring the vintage motorcycle culture together more than just once or twice a year for a major auction. Jason Delacroix believes that timing is everything and that now is the right time for MotoAuct.com. Delacroix also treasures vintage motorcycles and the vintage motorcycle culture and aims to use MotoAuct.com as a vehicle to bring vintage motorcycle enthusiasts together to talk motorcycles, buy parts and to buy and sell motorcycles.

Jason Williams

Vice President and Cofounder

Jason Williams has been a part of motorcycle culture since he was a boy. Growing up, he always owned ATVs, mini bikes, or dirt bikes and always loved taking them apart and seeing how they worked. Williams lived in a rural area and so maintenance and repairs were his responsibility. By necessity he learned how to repair and even modify motorcycles early on.

When he got older, Williams’ love for working on motorcycles led him to start a group called Midnight Restoration, in Bakersfield, CA as a place to get to get together with other likeminded enthusiasts. At Midnight Restoration Williams and other motorcycle lovers worked on motorcycles, talked with one another, swapped tips and stories about restoring old motorcycles and watched each other’s projects come to fruition. Williams found the love of the culture and community around vintage motorcycles exciting and intoxicating. At Midnight Restoration, Williams completed his first restoration on a 1969 Honda CA 160, which he was able to restore using all original parts.

After winning a best in show with the Honda CA 160 and spending some time within the vintage motorcycle culture, Williams began attending vintage motorcycle auctions, like the Mid-America Auction in Las Vegas, NV. Williams discovered an even larger community than the one he had grown to love in Bakersfield. And like at his home community, the enthusiasts at Mid-America were talking about restoring and buying and selling vintage motorcycles.

In 2015, Williams and MotoAuct.com co-founder Jason Delacroix were discussing the auctions and the extra costs associated with attendance. Both men noticed that on top of the cost of the motorcycle, there were transport costs, meal costs, hotel costs and more. Williams and Delacroix realized that the costs could be prohibitive for some enthusiasts, at which time they realized the need for an online venue for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts to do what they had always done: come together and talk find bikes, find parts and fellowship with one another outside of a once or twice a year auction or occasional group meeting. Jason Williams loves the vintage motorcycle culture and his goal for MotoAuct.com is to foster and enlarge that community spirit around vintage motorcycles and give enthusiasts the best and only 24-hour a day access to buying and selling vintage motorcycles and parts.