About Motoauct

MotoAuct.com is the world’s only online vintage motorcycle auction site. The online site provides 24-hour access to enthusiasts nationwide while eliminating some of the hassle and costs associated with attending major auctions to find vintage motorcycles.

MotoAuct.com's mission is to bring the vintage motorcycle community together in one place and to reconnect enthusiasts with the past while fostering the growth of the vintage motorcycle culture. Their passion for vintage and classic motorcycles is rooted very deeply within their members and its founders are collectors, restorers and enthusiasts as well. Collectively, MotoAuct.com has nearly 50 years of experience with vintage motorcycle auctions, vintage motorcycle restoration, and vintage motorcycle sales.

MotoAuct.com's love for the analog is juxtaposed by bringing a 21st century approach to motorcycle auctions. They provide only the best of what an auction has to offer, delivered to the convenience of your home PC or smart device. By revolutionizing the vintage motorcycle auction world, MotoAuct.com will guide you through, from start to finish, a buying experience that will reconnect you to your past by providing a buying and selling experience that accelerates you into the future.

MotoAuct.com provides the following services:


The website is a dedicated platform for online vintage motorcycle auctions. MotoAuct.com feels that providing web access to vintage motorcycles will open opportunities for enthusiasts unable to attend the major auctions and give access to that dream motorcycle. MotoAuct.com's goals for the site are:

  • To keep the soul of the vintage motorcycle community intact, without becoming a factory.
  • The inventory will rely heavily on the vintage motorcycle community at large
  • Vintage motorcycle dealers will be welcome on the site
  • Promote the safety and security of investments in vintage motorcycles.
  • Prevent high bidder back out.
  • Our system will require credit card validation and an obligation for the high bidder to pay the commission on the motorcycle should the high bidder back out of an auction. The reasons for this are twofold:
    • This will eliminate the casual bidder
    • Ensure customers are bidding on bikes they mean to buy
  • Only vintage motorcycles from the year 1992 or earlier of all makes will be allowed on the site for auction.


Interaction among enthusiasts is a cornerstone of the vintage motorcycle enthusiast community. By hosting forums, MotoAuct.com aims to foster that spirit of community even in the ether. They aim to bring together enthusiasts from every part of the country and eventually the world where tips, stories, and photos can be swapped, shared, and we can grow as a community and welcome newcomers to the fold.