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1975 Norton Commando MK3 Interstate

Brand new seat for a 1975 Norton Commando  MK3 Interstate. Sest is in in perfect condition, still in the box. As new.  See Details



1975 Norton Commando Mk3

1975 Norton Commando MK3 Roadster seat.Seat is in good used condition. Steel pan, no rips on the original cover. Seat foam is still very soft... See Details



1975 Norton Commando Mk3

Two 19" wm2 wheels.  Chrome, Steel wheels.  In decent shape would shine up with fine steel wool.  No dents or anything wrong with them.  Commando rear... See Details



1975 Norton Commando Mk3

Set of 19" 40 hole aluminum shouldered wheels. WM2.  With full stainless Buchanan's spoke kit and nipples.  Wheels have already been reamed for t... See Details



Vintage Defined

We live and work and exist in an age of super information. The world we live in has become smaller. The objects of our desires can be had simply by touching a screen. There are no maps to fold and no hand written letters. They get stuffed into old shoe boxes along with faded, sepia-tone images from our past. These remnants that seem insignificant to some are seen by others as signatures and heirlooms.  Artifacts that validate what we lived for, what we pursued and what has been left to languish. Vintage motorcycles are our connection to that past. A time when garage walls were lined with tools. A time when we could work on our own machines. A time of community and shared values.  

We are, a vintage motorcycle auction site. Our company was born out of necessity to reconnect us with the past. Our mission is to bring the vintage motorcycle community together in one place. Our passion for vintage and classic motorcycles is rooted very deeply within our members. We are collectors, restorers and enthusiasts. Collectively, have nearly 50 years of experience with vintage motorcycle auctions, vintage motorcycle restoration, and vintage motorcycle sales. Our love for the analog is juxtaposed by bringing a 21st century approach to motorcycle auctions. We will take along only the best of what an auction has to offer to the convenience of your home PC or smart device. 

By revolutionizing the vintage motorcycle auction world, will guide you through, from start to finish, a buying experience that will reconnect you to your past by providing a selling experience to accelerate you into the future. 

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